Connemara Tour: Explore One of the 7 Wonders of the World

There is no doubt that there are many beautiful and eye catching places worth visiting in Ireland. Connemara however, is undeniably one of the most beautiful. An ideal holiday location, Connemara offers beautiful sites, good food and lots of activities including cycling and hill walking. The best way to see the most wonderful parts of the county is without a doubt, by taking a Connemara tour. This would ensure that you see all the best places and sites, without the stress and hassle of worrying if you’re going to miss out on anything.


Taking a tour with Aran Tour Company is the perfect way to explore the beauty of this amazing Irish county.

Connemara tours will allow you explore one of the seven wonders of Ireland. Situated in the West of Ireland, you’ll be treated to some exceptional scenery. You’ll have an overview of the majestic ranges of Maumturk, the Twelve Bens mountains, and the Wild Atlantic Ocean on the other side. This awe inspiring area has amazed and enchanted locals and tourists for many years. The landscape has also really captivated Hollywood including modern films such as Pilgrimage, Leap Year and The Guard, as well as more iconic films such as The Field and The Quiet Man. The landscape really is an image you will have with you for many years to come.

Experience the Connemara tours with knowledgeable, friendly, entertaining and welcoming tour guides. To make sure that you are getting the best entertainment and enjoyment, tour guides take part in training and skill building on a daily basis. Our tour guides are unrivalled in their familiarity of the history and geography of Ireland, providing you with the best stories, coupled with facts.

Connemara tour allows you to explore the wild Atlantic way of Ireland, discover the wild flora and fauna, and learn about the legendary history and mythology of the country. Connemara tour is a must if you plan to spend your vacation in Ireland.

If you find yourself soul searching, looking to tick off your bucket list, or just see different cultures and sites, Connemara is an amazing place to visit. During your tour, you will be taken to the Connemara National Park, one of six National Parks in the republic, where you can enjoy a host of activities, wildlife and geology, and regal landscape that will leave you speechless. Another famous landmark is that of Blarney Castle, a medieval stronghold in Blarney where you can explore the gardens and visit a tour shop.

Throughout your tour you’ll come across many quaint little villages, along with the capital of Connemara, a bustling place where you can enjoy some light shopping and delicious food – In fact, it’s considered to be the gourmet capital of West Ireland.

All in all, Connemara tour gives you a great introduction to the West of Ireland. Explore the beauty of Connemara by booking a tour now on where you can book from a variety of different tours to suit your needs.