How to be Prepared Before travelling: The Galway Tour Edition

Dunguaire CastleWhen you are planning for a tour or holiday vacation, it’s important to fully understand what you are letting yourself into. It’s important you’re clear of any hidden challenges that may arise during your travels especially when it comes to international travelling. A professional tour company can be of great help in planning for your tour or vacation.

Galway Tour Offer

For those travelers who want to explore the West of Ireland, the Galway Tour is the perfect package to consider. This tour package allows you to enjoy the real and inspiring beauty of the West of Ireland. The Galway Tour offer is a combination of two flagship tours that include Connemara & Cong and Cliffs of Moher & The Burren. Over the course of a two day trip, you’ll be surprised how much you can experience in such a short time.

The Accommodation Information

Based on dormitory accommodation in any hostel in Galway City, early notification via e-mail will ensure you a bed. The tour prices without accommodation for adults are €85 and for senior citizens and students it’s €75. This includes a two day tour from Dublin-Galway Return.

Tour prices with accommodation for adults are €110 and for senior citizens and students is €100. This also includes Dublin-Galway Return Coach 2x day tours and one night hostel accommodation during Sunday to Thursday nights. During Friday and Saturday nights, the tours prices for adults are €115 and for senior citizens and students is €105. This includes Dublin-Galway Return Coach 2x day tours and one night hostel accommodation.

How to be Prepared Before Travelling

Failing to properly prepare is probably one of the worst that can happen – and we’ve all been there! Whether it’s forgetting our passport or not dressing/ packing for the whether, there is nothing worse than not being properly prepared to ruin your trip! Below we have outlined some small things to take into consideration before travelling, but do your research on the area, make a checklist, and don’t leave before it’s all ticked off!

  • Know the Visa and Passport Requirements of your destination

Most governments have detailed information about their visa and passport requirements. Make sure that your passport is updated and meets the validity period of the country that you want to visit. It is highly recommended to request a visa as early as possible.

  • Go at the Right Time

When it comes to travelling, it’s important to know the perfect time to visit your dream destination. Decide what kind of a holiday you’re after, is it a sun holiday, or are you looking to see the sites? The weather can really affect your holiday. No one wants clouds while they’re trying to sunbathe right? On the other hand, if you’re walking all day then a cooler temperature would suit you better! Some places get extremely hot during the summer! Google the local average weather temperatures and determine whether you want to sizzle in 40 degree heat by a pool, or run around taking in the local architecture and monuments.

Choosing the right time is also important depending on how crowded you like your holidays to be. Some people, generally younger people prefer to go when everyone else is, feeding off the energy. Others prefer to go when its a bit quieter so as to reduce the chances of being able to sleep at night without noisey clue goers! Decide what kind of a vibe is right for you.

  • Deals, deals, deals

To get the best deals you need to a) book early and b) book it at the right time. Booking deals in the height of the summer are more then likely going to be expensive. Catching a flight in April or September will be far cheaper. Most of us don’t know that far in advance, so choosing the right time can be a be money-saver!

  • Pack for the Weather

We’re all guilty of doing this, especially in Ireland. We see a glimpse of the sun and out we are in our shorts and sandals, only to get drenched 20 minutes later in the rain! Be clever. Google the weather forecast for the day, or however long you’ll be out, and dress accordingly. If you want to wear a t-shirt, then pack a light rain coat or a small umbrella in your bag. There’s nothing worse then styling your hair only for it to look like a drowned rat soon after..

  • Know the Possible Dangers of Travelling to Certain Countries

In order to have a safe and memorable travel experience, it’s essential that you know the dangers in travelling to certain areas. Some places might have snakes or venomous spiders such as Austrailia. Others may have a high crime rate so you’ll need to be extra careful with your belongings. In any unfamiliar area, always ask a friend to walk with you, if you’re travelling on your own just be sure to stay near crowds and don’t wander into the night on your own. You may feel safe, but don’t take the chance.

  • Know the Currency

Even in Ireland, going to the North and forgetting that they’re pound and not Euro is an easy mistake to make. Try and go to the bank a few days in advance to get your currency changed because taking money out in a different country can prove very costly! Not good if you’re on a budget!

Travel in style with Galway Tour Company. Look at the different tour option and e mail if you’ve any queries!